The Paradox of Positive Uncertainty

In this article I would like to talk to you about why it’s essential to stay positive no matter what uncertainty abounds.

This is particulary important today – as the current times are probably the most uncertain of anytime in humanity’s existence! We have wild weather, climate change, Fake News and ever increasingly fast paced technology innovation and diversity.

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We also have things that are happening geopolitically around the world, as well as the uncertainty of Brexit which is causing a large amount of concern and bringing up the level of risk in the UK.

The problem with a high level of uncertainty is it can make people feel paralysed by fear and not really wanting to make any changes or move forward. And there’s the thing, this fear doesn’t just happen to people; it also happens to organisations and potentially your business as well.

If that happens, you’re in a position where you don’t try to push yourself forwards, and you’re not striving to make that next change or future investment. Because, your uncertainty within these uncertain times that we’re all living in is suddenly causing your concern.  You can’t control anything, you can’t guarantee your plans are going to happen as you want them to happen.

The thing is, in uncetain times it is easy to think – we will just wait until things are better.  But there is always something that’s going to be causing problems.

There have been credit crunches, strikes, unionisation, war, or geopolitical issues throughout the history of humanity.

So, how do we make sure we can stay positive in the uncertain times? That we can not just make things work for us but even better, we can be a shining beacon of light and hope. It’s not necessary to be in fear of the uncertain.

In fact, quite the opposite.  It is at the edges of certainty that the exciting things happen.  You ask any biologist, any chemist, astronomer or physicist, and it’s there right on the fringes, it’s where two things collide.  This is where the most change can happen. So, in fact, it’s where the biggest and best opportunities lie.

So, are you going to stay stuck because of concern over the unknown?

Or are you going to grasp these times with both hands and use them as opportunities to propel yourself forward and be that shining light?

I want to leave you with a thought!  A wise man, Ogwo David Emenike, once said: “It is better for you to explore a gainful uncertainty than to sit in a painful certainty”.