Be Plus! It’s ALL About Well-Being

Following on from what we talked about in the last blog and video “Move IT” covering physical exercise. I want to talk a little bit more about your well-being.

So, why do I want to talk more about your well-being?

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Well, because alongside developing the areas that we have been looking at in the last few videos & Blogs, we also need to be thinking about how we can ensure that our whole well-being is supported and improved. It’s not just about developing our business goals or objectives and not just about where we’re planning to take ourselves or our businesses in the year ahead.

It’s pointless doing something if it’s going to jeopardise your mind or your own body? Because even though it might be something you want to do, it’s no good if either your body or your mind suffered in the process. It’s a bit like trying to go bungee jumping without the bungee cord; it would more than likely end in disaster.

First, you need to understand what “good” looks like for you, and how you can achieve that state. You can then develop and enjoy a positive mindset.  Only then can you honestly know what it is you need in life or business. This is one way of helping your well-being.  You’ll find that the more positivity you can bring into your life, the more it attracts even more positivity.   And lots of positivity helps to keep you and everyone around you happy, building and moving forward.

We Need Positive and Negative Things in Our Lives.

I find many people, regrettably, spend far too much time looking at the harmful elements around them. It’s true that negative things generally help us with growth because, when something is negative we are more likely to do something about it. Usually we move away from that negativity by changing the situation in some way.

However, it’s the fun and enjoyable parts of our lives that provide the most fulfilment.  And these are the basics principals of what we all need in our lives – fun and enjoyment.

So, wouldn’t you agree with me, you need to spend more time having those enjoyable moments with colleagues, family, friends and finding the fun in life and in business? And you need to work hard to move away from painful things that you don’t want to have in your life.

I’m going to leave you with a thought; You need to learn how to foster a positive mindset, so you can enjoy the outcomes of what you’re achieving.