You Are Not Alone!

Today we are going to be looking at is something that every single person is unsurprisingly designed for and yet so many people don’t think about using this facility.

The fact is “you are not alone”.  Nature designed humans to be social animals, to interact and make connections. To help each other.

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When you look at this fact in detail and reflect on it, it makes sense.  Most people achieve so much more in life and business because they work with each other to create great things.  Of course, you do get the stereotype of the solitary artist, painting away in their attic – but even then they are painting what they see of life and its connections.  But most people do better with others.

If you look at the top athletes, they will inevitably work with the top coaches.  And if you also look at some of the greatest business entrepreneurs, they also have their own mentors and coaches behind the scenes helping them achieve. Both will more than likely have teams of people making good things happen for them.

And when you look at a successful home environment, it’s still an example of several people living and working together making a happy home materialise.

So, if you are thinking, “How am I going to make a lot of good things happen in my life?”,  you need to look at all the people that are around you and ask, how many of these people can help you achieve your goals?

In most cases, if you ask people to help, you will find is that they are only too happy to help and actually want to help you achieve your goals.

Let’s Help Others

Let’s face it, you probably also like to help others, by sharing your talents, your skills, and your knowledge.  People get much personal satisfaction by helping other people or organisations take that next step in life or business., and seeing them achieve more than they originally thought they could on their own. And, all because you are supporting and helping them in their quest.

Working Together is How Nature Designed Us!

Therefore, in the future, give others the opportunity to help you make something happen which will be greater than what you could do on your own.  Because you may well have fantastic skills, but you may not have every single skill and quite possibly there will be areas that you lack skills entirely!

So, wouldn’t it be great to have somebody supporting and helping you in your life, in your business? Someone who could fill in the gaps where you don’t have great skills?  Someone who could make things better, and provide the missing links in order to produce a great result?

I see this interaction and support between individuals all the time, as I interact on a day-to-day basis with so many wonderful people. In my home life with my lovely wife, as well as within my business life. From my own coaches and mentors to the people that I work with, and even my clients, all the people who are near to me, help me in so many different ways.

So, I challenge you to go and seek out those people that can help you both in life and business.  Let them help you because that’s what they want to do!  Take those opportunities of being able to make things happen, quicker and better because you have other people helping you. Or continue to struggle on your own and maybe not achieve the results that you’re looking for.

As Bernie Brown once said, “we don’t have to do it all alone, because we were never meant to be.”