I Like To Move It, Move It!

Today we’re going to be looking at something that everyone should be doing.  It is what we were evolved to do, before the days of desk jobs.  I’m talking about moving and exercising!

Now, why do I want to talk about exercise?

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Regular physical exercise is very important.  You may spend a lot of your time, working on your mind, working on your attitude and working on your business goals and your aspirations. But, if you don’t also keep your body fit and healthy, the reality is that this vessel that should help you make good things happen, wont work properly.  It will degrade and you will end up in the position where you can’t really achieve much because your body will eventually let you down.

Now I’m not saying go become the next Mr or Mrs Universe, and I am certainly no Mr Universe myself; but, as well as working hard every day I do make sure that I’m also taking care of my own body. I spend time each day exercising. Either by doing stretching, doing cardiovascular work, or even just playing games around the house with my kids. And that means I’m not just sat behind a desk all day, every day working, or sitting still in meetings all the time.  By adding exercise to my daily routine, I guarantee that I’m in the best possible place to keep doing the things I want to do in my business.

So, when you are thinking about future planning, (which we also discussed and looked at previously), you should be keen to add into that planning cycle what you are going to do for exercise! This doesn’t need to be anything huge.  I’m not asking you, to go out and run a marathon every day. You just need to MOVE!  Make sure that you’re keeping your body active and moving day-to-day. That’s if you want it to last for the next 20, 30, 40, 100 years, whatever it is that you have in mind! 

Now, you may have heard, “You need to have a healthy mind in a healthy body”.  It’s often said and the reason why it’s so well quoted is, that it is so very true.

I’d like you to think about this; How are you going to keep your healthy mind in your healthy body?  How are you going to work on both your mind and your body and soul, so that when you go forward in life and in business you can make sure you’re presenting the best you?