Core Values

Core Values – How To Turn CORE VALUES Into Success

In this article, I would like to talk to you about core values.

So How do you make sure that your business is one that you will be proud to call your own?

Now, what do I mean by core values? Core values are one of those things where if you have them, that are part of your being, it covers things that you stand for. You do them automatically, and they are something that you’re proud of.

And people who have ethical core values, you’ll more than likely find both them and you attracted to the same things as well.

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Now being able to explain what your core values are, also demonstrate your core values, and then live your core values all the time is important, especially as your business grows. Because as a small organisation with 1,2,3 people, it’s straightforward for you to be the one that embodies everything because you are dealing with the vast majority of elements within your organisation. But as your business grows 10,20, 50 100 people strong. Suddenly, you’re no longer involved in every aspect of running that business. And there could perhaps be a time when you hate when you have created and grown, simply because other people do not have the same core values you have.

So how do you deal with this? you must make sure that you’re showing people, embodying what your core values are, making them part of every single decision you make inside your organisation. Every change that you do, every customer that you deal with every relationship that you have, should be part of what your core values are. So write them down, make them part of your training material, your onboarding piece, make sure that as you go through any transitions within your organisation, you keep your core values in mind.

Now for my business, we have five straightforward core values.

The first of our values is – FLEXIBILITY. We like to make sure that we can work flexibly with our clients, adapting to their needs, their changing situations.

We also value – INTEGRITY. Being consistent in our approach in our principles and taking an ethical view.

RESPONSIBILITY – We will be standing accountable for everything we do.

SUCCESS – We like to make sure every one of our engagements, ends and success for our clients.

And finally – TRUST. We value openness and transparency in all we do, we will be honest, and in everything, in every engagement.

So, what are your core values? What do you stand for? And how are you going to make sure the people working with you stand for the same thing? Or are you just going to wake up next a beast of a company that you wish you hadn’t started?

As John Wooden said, “Be more concerned with your character than you are with your reputation”.