The Most Individual Factor in Your Success

What does it really mean to be an individual?

Today’s theme is about being an individual.  We are all born unique, aren’t we?  Now I know every living thing is – but we REALLY are.  Every human being has a unique blend of millions of genetic, experience and personality factors. We can all put our particular spin on what life gives physically, with our mind and with our spirit.

It seems to me though, that most people are somewhat afraid of being their individual glorious self.  Most people spend a good deal to time trying to conform – trying to fit in.

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Part of this conformity is to do with how society has brought us up.  We are meant to be doing things in a certain way. We “should” be fitting into life’s Machine that’s being created around us. It’s a Victorian way of Education; it’s a Victorian way of running society in general.

So what is being an individual?

Being an individual means that you have a set of skills and a set of talents which are utterly unique to you.  Nobody else in the world has that same combination. Even though it can feel nice to fit in with everybody else, the reality is you were born to stand out.

Now being individual doesn’t mean that you have to be self-centred.  It’s not all about you!  And it doesn’t mean that you must always do things on your own. But it does mean that you bring your individuality into the kind of work you perform, into your business, into your life and your family.  And that’s the thing that sets you apart from everybody else. That’s your true value.

Individuals that stand out are the people that businesses are looking for.

Wouldn’t you agree that if everybody were the same, it would be a pretty dull world, right?

You’d have the same conversations day in and day out.  You’d be eating the same thing every day, and doing the same activities over and over again.  That’s not a very rich way to live a life. However, by bringing your individual interpretation into things, it means that you can also enrich other people’s lives, as well as your own.

So let me ask you, how much time do you spend each day in actually being the individual you?  How much time do you allocate to developing yourself? How much of a priority do you make it, to enjoy YOUR life?

There is a reason I am genuinely concerned about this.  Over the years, there have been several people that I’ve coached and mentored, who were not finding time in their life to spend on themselves.  Not making the time to be themselves, be an individual. Not finding this time produced all sorts of problems.  Some of them found themselves so highly stressed that they didn’t want to do the work anymore.

Finding the time to be you, to know yourself and what YOU need to enjoy life.  Understanding what value it is that you bring and playing to those strengths rather than trying to fit in.  All these things are vital, in business and in your life.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself!